Rodent Control

No one wants the “R” word
to become a conversation starter!

Our 4-step rodent removal & control process is guaranteed to rid and safeguard your home against rodents.

No one likes to talk about them. Our goal is to make sure you don’t have to. Rodents can be a threat to humans, pets and your valued property, and the rat population is on the rise in Florida.  Not only do rats and mice carry communicable diseases, but they can also eat through most materials in your structure, including insulation, trim, dry wall, wood and electrical wiring. Exposed wiring caused by rodents is a leading cause of house fires in the U.S. Rodents are a fact of life and can be a challenge to remove once they enter a home. If rodents do decide to take up residence, we will strategically remove them.

The goal, however, is to make sure that never happens. Our rodent prevention program utilizes pet and child-proof bait stations that are strategically placed around the property, out of site where rodents travel, and inspected regularly by experienced technicians. It’s important that homeowners keep bushes and trees trimmed away from the home, keep garage doors shut, and inspect the exterior of the home for potential points of entry. Working together, we can make sure the “R” word never becomes a conversation starter!

Signs of rodent infestation

We quite frequently receive calls from customers who are hearing noises in their attic at night. This is usually a sign that rats have accessed their attic space. While most people like to think it may be only mice, unfortunately mice do not occur frequently in South Florida.  The rat population is on the rise in our area and we are responding to higher numbers of calls about these unwanted intruders.

Typical signs of rodent activity include:

  • Scampering noises
  • Droppings
  • Urine odor
  • Gnawed holes
  • Rub & gnaw marks
  • Rodent runways
  • Rodent nests
  • Unusual pet behavior
  • Visual sightings
Remove brown rats and common mouse with Patrick Exterminating
Remove brown rats, common mouse and norway rat with Patrick Exterminating

Our Guaranteed 4-Step Process
for rodent elimination

  1. Inspection
    Our experienced team will inspect your property to determine the population size and rodent species. We will locate entry points, pinpoint nests and determine what factors are attracting them.
  2. Preventing Entry
    After identifying entry points, our team will block off holes, tunnels and weak spots to eliminate the ability for rodents to inhabit your structure. If structural modifications are needed to prohibit entry, we will refer you to a professional who is experienced in this area. Rodent exclusion is generally not a do-it-yourself or handy man job.
  3. Elimination
    We will reduce and eliminate the population by utilizing rodenticides placed in tamper-proof bait stations and/or traps that are not a threat to your children or pets.
  4. Prevention
    We will strategically place and monitor exterior tamper-proof bait stations around the property to ensure against future infestation.

Why you need to call us immediately when you have a rodent problem

Common diseases carried by rodents include Hantavirus, Listeria, Rat-Bite Fever, Salmonellosis, allergies and asthma.

All of these are communicable to humans and can cause serious illness and in some cases death.
If you find evidence, or are even suspicious of rodent activity, call us immediately for a free home inspection at 772-286-6812.

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REFER A FRIEND and Take $20 OFF Your Next Scheduled Treatment!

We target all unwanted household intruders, including ant, roach, flea, tick, termite, bed bug, rat, mice, hornet and wasp, and coordinate bee removal. Our lawn pest and disease control services target the leading Florida yard invaders in St. Augustine grass, such as southern chinch bug, sod webworm and armyworm and fire ant, as well as common lawn fungus, including brown patch, leaf lesions and take-all root rot.

Patrick Exterminating is highly respected as an honest, reliable and knowledgeable exterminator serving the communities of Stuart, Jupiter, Port St. Lucie, Hobe Sound, Palm City and Jensen Beach, offering guaranteed treatment of your home and entire property, including lawn, trees, bushes, shrubs and landscape plants. We also offer fully warrantied pre-construction soil termite treatment for termites.

With Patrick Exterminating you can relax with peace of mind that your home and property is well protected.

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Your trusted local pest professional, Patrick Exterminating offers a complete range of affordable home pest control management and extermination services.

Patrick Exterminating provides complete pest control, termite protection and lawn treatment services to residents of Martin, St. Lucie and Northern Palm Beach County, including residential insect control, rodent control, termite treatment, lawn spraying, lawn, tree, bush and shrub fertilization, weed control, and ornamental plant fertilizer and fungicide application. We proudly serve the communities of Stuart, Hobe Sound, Palm City, Jensen Beach, Hutchinson Island, Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie West, Jupiter, Tequesta, Jupiter Island, Juno Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and North Palm Beach.


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