In the second of our two-part video series addressing the growing rat population in our area, Pest Control Consultant Deb Geiger discusses points of entry commonly used by rats to enter a home.

We stress the importance of inspecting the exterior of your home thoroughly for potential entry points, and address the following issues:

  • Keep bushes and trees trimmed away from the home.
  • Remove any trellises and decorative structures that can serve as ladders.
  • Make sure screens are placed over dryer vents and roof vents
  • Be sure the air conditioning condenser pipe flashing leading to attic is sealed at the bottom.
  • Inspect for openings in soffits and fascia. Rats are known to squeeze through an opening the width of a nickel.
  • Keep garage door and screen doors shut.

Our guaranteed 4-Step process for rodent elimination includes:

  1. Inspection

Our experienced team will inspect your property to determine the population size and rodent species. We will locate entry points, pinpoint nests and determine what factors are attracting them.

  1. Preventing Entry

After identifying entry points, our team will block off holes, tunnels and weak spots to eliminate the ability for rodents to inhabit your structure. If structural modifications are needed to prohibit entry, we will refer you to a professional who is experienced in this area. Rodent exclusion is generally not a do-it-yourself or handy man job.

  1. Elimination

We will reduce and eliminate the population by utilizing rodenticides placed in tamper-proof bait stations and/or traps that are not a threat to your children or pets.

  1. Prevention

Pet and child-proof bait stations are strategically placed around the property, out of site where rodents travel, and inspected regularly by experienced technicians to ensure against future infestation.


If you find evidence, or are even suspicious of rodent activity, call us immediately for a free home rodent inspection at 772-286-6812.

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