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Controlling those summer fleas

Controlling those summer fleas

Fleas are small (1/16 inch), dark, reddish-brown, wingless, blood-sucking insects. Their bodies are laterally compressed (flattened side to side), permitting easy movement through the hairs on the host’s body. Their legs are long and well adapted for jumping. The flea...

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Carpenter Ants Can Be A Big Problem

Carpenter Ants Can Be A Big Problem

A Common Household Pest in Florida Carpenter ants are in the genus Camponotus, which includes over 900 species worldwide. They get their common name, “carpenter ant,” because some species excavate nests in wood. Carpenter ants are sometimes called bulldog ants or bull...

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Everything You Need to Know About Fleas in Florida

Everything You Need to Know About Fleas in Florida

When it comes to eliminating fleas from your pet and from your home, there are some key things to consider. First, it is very important to be familiar with and understand the life cycle of the flea when you are trying to eradicate their presence completely. There are...

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Why Sentricon® is Your Best Choice for Subterranean Termite Protection

Did you know that termite damage in the U.S. costs homeowners over five billion dollars in property damage every year? Termites can invade without any visible signs and all homes are vulnerable, whether CBS, wood or...

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Our family-owned business began with one employee and one truck

Patrick Exterminating was founded by Richard Patrick in Hobe Sound, Florida in 1988 with one truck and one employee. He trademarked the famous phrase “Just Say No to Bugs” and set up shop on U.S. Highway 1 next to the old Stoney’s Automotive location. In 1992, Patrick relocated to a 1,800 square-foot facility in the SPS Industrial Park in Stuart. He now had five techs on staff and six trucks on the road servicing accounts from Stuart to Jupiter. Growth continued through the 1990s as word of mouth spread about the excellent service delivered.

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Expanding to serve our customers better

By 1999, operations included 11 trucks with 10 technicians and two customer service employees. Once again, a larger facility was needed to meet the needs of a growing customer base. Richard purchased land nearby on Gran Park Way and built an industry-specific building with dedicated work stations for each technician, along with offices for management and customer service personnel and drive-in storage bays for loading and offloading materials. An expansive parking area was included to accommodate the growing fleet. This facility remains in service today and the company has grown to 22 employees, 19 service vehicles and two dedicated lawn trucks.

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Proud to support the community we live in

From the beginning, we have built our business by being good neighbors and giving back. We are proud to support a number of important organizations that play a vital role in helping people within our community, including the Treasure Coast Foster Closet, Habitat for Humanity of Martin, Habitat for Humanity St. Lucie County, Council on Aging of Martin County and the House of Hope of Martin County.

These organizations give so much to the people in our area; it is our honor to support their efforts.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Click here to find out what our customers are saying about Patrick Exterminating’s residential pest control and lawn management services.

We target all unwanted household intruders, including ant, roach, flea, tick, termite, bed bug, rat, mice, hornet and wasp, and coordinate bee removal. Our lawn pest and disease control services target the leading Florida yard invaders in St. Augustine grass, such as southern chinch bug, sod webworm and armyworm and fire ant, as well as common lawn fungus, including brown patch, leaf lesions and take-all root rot.

Patrick Exterminating is highly respected as an honest, reliable and knowledgeable exterminator serving the communities of Stuart, Jupiter, Port St. Lucie, Hobe Sound, Palm City and Jensen Beach, offering guaranteed treatment of your home and entire property, including lawn, trees, bushes, shrubs and landscape plants. We also offer fully warrantied pre-construction soil termite treatment for termites.

With Patrick Exterminating you can relax with peace of mind that your home and property is well protected.

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Your trusted local pest professional, Patrick Exterminating offers a complete range of affordable home pest control management and extermination services.

Patrick Exterminating provides complete pest control, termite protection and lawn treatment services to residents of Martin, St. Lucie and Northern Palm Beach County, including residential insect control, rodent control, termite treatment, lawn spraying, lawn, tree, bush and shrub fertilization, weed control, and ornamental plant fertilizer and fungicide application. We proudly serve the communities of Stuart, Hobe Sound, Palm City, Jensen Beach, Hutchinson Island, Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie West, Jupiter, Tequesta, Jupiter Island, Juno Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and North Palm Beach.


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